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Galvanic Energy Named Oklahoma’s Most Promising New Business for Novel Approach to U.S. Energy Independence

Oklahoma Venture Forum Most Promising New Business 2020 Galvanic Energy - coached by Stacy Eads, LLC Scaling UpBusiness Coach

Galvanic Energy Named Oklahoma’s Most Promising New Business for Novel Approach to U.S. Energy Independence

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Galvanic Energy was named the “Most Promising New Business” May 13, 2020 during a virtual awards ceremony with more than 80 online participants, where they thanked their Scaling Up Business Coach Stacy Eads (a Norman Chamber member & Keynote Speaker). The award was presented by Oklahoma Venture Forum, which fosters business endeavors and recognizes entrepreneurial achievements. 

“It was so exciting when the Galvanic team was announced the winner,” said Stacy Eads, the company’s International Scaling Up business coach. “Their leadership and vision for this company is exemplary. Galvanic Energy’s dedication to building a Start Up company from scratch like a mid-market Scale Up raises the bar for start-up companies emerging in our area. I’m very proud of Brent and his executive team. They’ve laid such a great foundation with their 7 Strata of Strategy, their Core Values, and One Page Strategic planning process to catapult them through their Start Up phase and into a Scale Up phase as quickly as possible.”

“The award committee reviewed applicants for product or service innovation. They looked at actual or potential revenue growth as well as funding sources,” said Diane Surtees, Director of Strategic Communications for the company. “The Most Promising New Business had to show both leadership and management quality, market potential, and the economic impact our team could make on this industry. We were thrilled to be honored with this award, and we are thankful to have a Scaling Up coach like Stacy Eads to keep us on track for rapid expansion and success.”

Brent Wilson, Galvanic Energy’s CEO and President, spoke to the online audience about his venture’s market opportunity and its expected economic benefits. “America, today, is completely dependent on other countries for critical elements,” Wilson said, explaining that the limitations of conventional mining have constrained the U.S. to less than two percent global production of specific elements needed for high-performance batteries used in electric vehicles.

“Galvanic Energy identifies deep reservoirs associated with certain oil and gas fields, to be converted into electrochemical resource producers needed for renewable energies,” said Mark Becker, Vice President of Operations for Galvanic Energy. “I foresee our work bringing new opportunities for oil and gas companies, and contributing to an economic resurgence in communities, affected by diminished industry activity. Unconventional solutions like ours will lead America to sustainable energy independence,” he said.

The company is currently securing a formidable reserve they describe as “world-class,” containing strategic elements used in technology materials. Noting that countries such as China currently dominate this supply chain, Wilson calls his company’s strategy “a game-changer for U.S. energy resource development.”

The Galvanic Energy team are experts in geoscience applications and technologies. They address economic and technical barriers to create an abundant domestic supply of raw materials for an alternative-energy future. The firm offers environmentally responsible, market-changing solutions in support of U.S. industries producing green technology and renewable energies.

Investors have taken notice. The team already secured $5 Million in funding during its first round of investment.

Later this year, the company will enter its pilot phase to test extraction technologies, which will require additional funding. “This will open the door for new investors to capitalize on this new energy resource revolution,” said Wilson. “I have no doubt with our Scaling Up plan in place that we will secure the additional round of funding required to continue this journey forward toward energy independence for the U.S. I’m grateful to my CEO Coach, Stacy Eads for her guidance during this exciting time for our company.”

Many team members of Galvanic take pride in this being their first, initial experience working in a Start Up environment. “This is the first new venture start-up for almost all of us, hence the importance of having executive coaching and business coaching,” said Wilson. “We are on such a fast pace to achieving our mission that I appreciate how Stacy taught us to look at each quarter as a 13-week sprint that is highly focused on achieving our key performance indicators.” 

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